Art and technical application to project and build...

As in physical architecture, the construction of a website of services, sales and collaboration consist in the use of techniques and expertise that determine a navigation space oriented to facilitate the user the ability to search, buy and exchange information.

Our methodology begins with the fundamental principles of the architecture of the information provided by the professional and cognitive experience of our staff to determine a clear vision of the project and the objectives of impact for its audience. This is what defines a guided navigation map of a web space requested by our clients.

The applications of usability techniques, benchmarking and the standards of the industry, help us to measure the impact of a website in the market before the design phase. These metrics are obtained using functional matrices with statistic results showing potential clients where its determine the click to action and a continued navigation of the website.

The results of the phase allows to define clearly the technological platform and the steps of the functionalities requested by our clients and expected by the user.

(Illustrations that show the sequence of the phases)
  • Vision Definition
  • Audience objectives
  • Staff experience
  • Application of the techniques
  • Visual plan (Design)