Line tracing and color filling, influenced by the correct use of the brand and the relevant aspects of the audience, visually form each of our web design projects. Our experience is guided by the different Web versions of the industry and the functional requirements demanded by the visitors which we have classified them by Practical, Social, Addicted and Occasional visitor. Our design team combines this experience with the fundamental techniques of Scripts, CSS, Animations and images that transform a user visit into a successful shopping experience, search of information and collaboration.

(Illustrations that show the sequence of this part)

  • Sketches
  • Brand
  • Target Audience: Practical: potential buyers of product and services. Social: entertaining, leisure. Addicted: dependants on service handling, finances, email, etc. Occasional: social, information search, buyers, short online time spent.
  • Technical Applications: CSS, Scripts, Animations, Images.
  • POC
Illustration of this model:
The combination of experience, common sense and use of technical applications in the definition, architecture and design phases, guarantees our clients statistics low on bounce and high on conversion.