End-user oriented - single tier on single user

Our productivity team in the development area understands the importance of the object and the user, in the selection of technology and controls that give form to the final version of the Web site and its functional applications.

E4GS has created tools that facilitate the construction of a website in its introduction layer, and concentrates all its effort in the middle layers of rules and data base Web development for corporations and enterprises that are looking to get return (ROI) through this channel.

The technical applications in this face are mandatory and are mainly used to measure the productivity of the modules conformed by the website and the users moving through the same channel.

(Illustrations that show keywords in this stage)

Object-oriented programming (OOP)
n-tier architecture
Languages (ASP.NET, JAVA, PHP, JSP, MVC, SDK, ColdFusion)
Devices (Web, Mobil)

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